Monday, October 23rd, 2017

5:30 – 7:30 PM

“The Third Space,” Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre

11516 103 St NW, Edmonton



That question will be put before those of you attending the PACE Annual General Meeting. PACE is at a crossroads and its continued existence is neither sustainable nor reasonable without significant engagement and a vote of confidence from the Edmonton Arts community.

The Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton and its predecessor, the Edmonton Professional Arts Coalition (EPAC), have fought for local working artists and their associations for 40 years. The organization was instrumental in the city forming the Edmonton Arts Council to distribute city dollars to the Arts and to pro-actively strengthen the presence of the Arts in our city.

Whether PACE will continue past this fall, however, is the main issue we must deal with at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

This year’s main fundraising event for PACE, the Mayor’s Celebration for the Arts, failed to generate the revenue for our organization that had been anticipated, leaving us strapped for financial resources for any future initiatives.

Most of the current Executive of PACE is ready to step down after years of service in stewardship and having provided a tremendous amount of volunteer effort.   


We are proud of PACE’s accomplishments this past year:

We are holding ArtVote2017 to ensure that Arts and Culture is on the agenda as candidates seek election to council and to local school boards.

We organized and completed the comprehensive 2017 Economic Impact Assessment of Arts and Culture in Edmonton.

We held Arts-focused Salons on the Indigenous Arts Community in Edmonton and on the Canadian Copyright Modernization Act: Five Years In.

We have maintained close contact with the Edmonton Arts Council on the process of developing a new 10-year plan for city support of the Arts and Culture sectors in our city.

We have supported the Edmonton screen arts community in their efforts to get a new Edmonton Screen Industries Office opened by the city.

We have encouraged and worked with Arts Habitat Edmonton to expand its services in finding viable artspace for artists and arts organizations in Edmonton.

We organized a 21-member PACE Advocacy Committee, representing 10 different Arts disciplines or sectors in the local Arts community. This Committee meets quarterly to discuss common areas of concern and to support each other in pursuing advocacy on specific issues.

All that said, PACE cannot continue without the Arts sector itself continuing to provide a strong volunteer effort and on-going engagement with our organization so that we are energized and mobilized by your commitment.

An alternative is to invite the Provincial Arts Service Organizations and Cultural Industries Associations to take over representing professional arts practitioners in Edmonton. The Writers’ Guild of Alberta, The Book Publishers Association of Alberta, Theatre Alberta, Visual Arts Alberta-CARFAC, the Alberta Media Production Industries Association, Alberta Magazine Publishers Association, Alberta Music, Alberta Dance Alliance – these organizations have all matured over the years into strong provincial advocates for their respective sectors.

The time to decide the future of the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton has come. You can have a direct say in whether PACE continues by attending the AGM on October 23rd.

Ken Davis

Chair, PACE