The Annual General Meeting of the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton (PACE) on November 26, 2018, approved bylaw amendments and motions to change the structure of PACE and, more importantly, to focus its purpose and activities going forward. 

The membership of PACE now is closed to feature only the organization’s Board of Directors. The Board can add new membership by signing on new members of the Board with a simple majority vote.

Going forward, the Board of Directors will focus on two activities only: a) staging the #YEGVotesArts campaign for the six months preceding every Edmonton municipal election and b) organizing and hosting between 2 and 4 Arts Salons a year on topics of high interest to Edmonton’s arts community.

The intention for the organization going forward is to position PACE more as a service and educational organization to the arts community in Edmonton.

The new Board of Directors held an organizational meeting on December 11, 2018. Here is the new executive of PACE for the 2018/19 and 2019/2020 fiscal years:

Chair, Kate Stashko

Vice-Chair, Rayanne Haines

Treasurer, Jacek Malec

Secretary (vacant)

Past-Chair, Ken Davis

Kate Stashko is a professional dancer with the Good Women Dance Collective. Rayanne Haines is executive director of the Edmonton Poetry Festival and is a published author and poet. Jacek Malek is executive director of Harcourt House Artist Run Centre. Ken Davis is director of marketing and communications for the Citadel Theatre.


Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton Annual General Meeting
November 26, 2018
Workshop West Playwrights Theatre


Members in Attendance:
Jacek Malec, Will Truchon, Sidney Lancaster, Marian Brant, Kate Hamblin, Ken Davis, Bill Evans

Call to order: 6:03 pm

  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of Agenda
    1. Motion to approve agenda: Jacek Malec
    1. Second: Bill Evans
    1. Carried: All
  3. Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes
    1. Motion to approve minutes: Bill Evans
    1. Second: Will Truchon
    1. Carried: All
  4. Reports
    1. Chair’s Report – Written report provided
      1. Motion to accept Chair’s Report: Will Truchon
      1. Second: Sydney Lancaster
      1. Carried: All
    1. Treasurer’s Report – Financials handed out
      1. Motion to adopt the financials: Sydney Lancaster
      1. Second: Jacek Malec
      1. Carried: All
    1. Motion to engage Davidow & Nelson for 2019 financials
      1. Motion: Sydney Lancaster
      1. Second:  Will Truchon
      1. Carried: All

ACTION ITEM : A Thank You will be sent to Youna Park for assistance on financials

  • Motions
    • That the financial statements for the fiscal year 2017/18 be adopted as presented
    • That the proposed new bylaws of PACE be adopted as presented
      • Bylaws change the name of the Executive Planning Committee to the Board of Directors
      • Bylaws limit PACE membership to the Board of Directors
      • Bylaws commit Board members to a minimum of 4 meetings a year
      • Bylaws reduce quorum to 4 Boards members
    • That the proposed new missions statement of PACE be adopted
    • That the slate of candidates for the Board of Directors be adopted as presented by the Chair  

Discussion and clarification around regarding 3.2 and the ability for the future board to amend bylaws if capacity and interested exceeds membership structure proposed

  1. Motion to approve the proposed By-laws:  Jacek MalecSecond:  Will TruchonCarried: All
  • Review of mission statement
    • Motion to adopt Mission Statement: “The Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement, recognition and support for professional artists in Edmonton.” : Bill Evans
    • Second: Sydney Lancaster
    • Carried: All
  • Slate of Candidates for board of directors
    • Kate Stashko
    • Rayanne Haines
    • Jacek Malec
    • Althea Cunningham
    • Ken Davis

Motion to adopt the slate: Syndey Lancaster
Second: Will Truchon
Carried: All

Adjourn: 6:50 pm