What #yegvotesarts is all about and how you can help

PACE has held the #YEGVotesArts campaign for quite a few years now, running the campaign in the six months ahead of any Edmonton municipal election. The next one is scheduled for October 2021.

#YEGVotesArts sends a questionnaire to every candidate in the municipal election; a questionnaire that seeks the candidate’s position on issues of importance to the professional Arts in Edmonton. The answers from each candidate are posted on this website, so that the public that cares about the Arts in our city can be informed as to the position of the candidate they vote for.

PACE also organizes candidate forums on the Arts and distributes #YEGVotesArts buttons all across the city while encouraging Arts organizations to post the #YEGVotesArts logo on their websites with links back to this page.

The intention is to ensure that our elected city councils are aware of the importance of the Arts in Edmonton and that they develop policy and budgets accordingly.

Edmonton City Council generally has been supportive of the city’s Arts sector over the past decade or so. The Art of Living Plan that governed city policy and funding for Arts and Heritage in Edmonton ran from 2008 – 2018. Subsequently, Connections and Exchanges: A 10-Year Plan to Transform Arts and Heritage in Edmonton has now been adopted as the sequel to Art of Living and is official city of Edmonton policy administered by the Edmonton Arts Council.

Our next municipal election will be held in the autumn of 2021. PACE will be there with another #YEGVotesArts campaign. Keep checking this site for new information as it develops.

Results of the PACE Arts Vote 2017 questionnaire sent to all candidates (verbatim responses)

Mayoral Candidates Responses:

Carla Frost Mayoral Candidate

Don Iveson Mayoral Candidate

City Council Candidates Responses (in order of Ward):

Reuben Avellana – Ward 1

Andrew Knack- Ward 1

Bev Esslinger Ward 2

Shelley Tupper Ward 2

John Oplanich – Ward 3

Felix Amenaghawon Ward 4

Scott McKeen – Ward 6

Tish Prouse Ward 6

Kris Anryechuck Ward 7

Matthew Kleywegt Ward 7

Kirsten Goa – Ward 8

Ben Hendersen – Ward 8

James Kosowan Ward 8

Eli Schrader – Ward 8

Payman Parseyan Ward 9

Mark Hope Ward 9

Glenda Williams Ward 10

Troy Pavlek Ward 11

Keren Tang – Ward 11

Mike Russnak Ward 12

Edmonton Public School Board Candidate Responses:

Sherry Adams – Public School Trustee Ward 1

Kevin O’Connor School Board Ward D

Trisha Estabrooks – School Trustee Ward D

Edmonton Catholic School Board Candidate Responses:

Mara Suchy Catholic School Board 71

PACE Arts Vote 2017 Questionnaire

  1. The Edmonton Art Council is about to hold hearings in developing a new 10-year Arts and Heritage Plan, to replace the Art of Living strategy which expires in 2018. Do you support an on-going, civically-funded funded arts and heritage strategy to promote and strengthen the Arts and Heritage in Edmonton?
  2.  The Percent for Art Program allocates one per cent (1%) of the eligible construction budget of any publicly accessible municipal project for the acquisition of art. The Edmonton Arts Council directs the program, and provides vision for, and stewardship of, the City of Edmonton Public Art Collection. Are you satisfied with how public art currently is selected and purchased by the City?
  3. Appropriate facilities to support Edmonton’s arts and culture industries are critical to our city’s growth and development in this area. The creation of specific districts to support certain kinds of Arts, such as music districts, has been adopted in some cities to foster growth of cultural industries. Do you support zoning bylaw changes that would make it easier to create dedicated Arts districts and make it easier and less expensive to convert existing commercial and industrial space to suitable arts space?
  4. How will you continue to enhance arts and culture in our city?
  5. What do you think it would take to make Edmonton a world class city?
  6. What role do you see local Arts playing in helping to make Edmonton a world class city?
  7. The City of Edmonton has supported such international sporting events as Festival International des Sports Extrêmes (FISE), ITU World Triathlon and the Tour of Alberta to place Edmonton on the national and world stage. Would you favour similarly supporting, pursuing and creating major national and international Arts showcases that would put Edmonton on the world stage as a centre of Arts and Culture?