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How the Arts fared in the 2016-2018 City budget

Edmonton City Council passed the 2016-18 budget early this month, the first time it has approved a three-year budget. Councillors were in a difficult position, as they wrestled to keep city taxes next year down to 3.4 % after several years of sizeable increases. The result, for arts organizations in the city, could be a year of little or no funding increases.

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The government of Alberta released Budget 2015 on October 27, 2015.

Budget 2015 is based on 3 priorities:

  • protecting and stabilizing front-line public services, including health care, education and social services;
  • setting out a plan to return to balance by restoring fairness to government revenue and ensuring the province is in a stronger fiscal position when the economy recovers;
  • stimulating economic growth and diversification, including partnering with job creators, entrepreneurs and visionaries to stimulate economic growth and diversification.

Culture & Tourism

Consolidated expense is budgeted at $321 million in 2015-16 (excluding flood recovery initiatives).

  • $77 million for Community and Voluntary Support Services.
  • $38 million in capital grants through the Community Facility Enhancement Program.
  • $76 million in support for creative industries.
  • $37 million for the Alberta Media Fund. Additional funding is being provided to the Fund over the next two years to address previous commitments and help grow the industry.
  • Support for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts will increase as Budget 2015 delivers on the commitment to provide additional support for the Foundation, with $5 million added in 2016-17 and $10 million in 2017-18.

Meeting with the Honourable David Eggen, Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Education

On September 30, PACE met with the Honourable David Eggen, Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Education to discuss the needs of Edmonton’s arts and culture community in regards to the upcoming provincial budget. We began by stating that PACE very much appreciates the new Minister’s declared intention to re-invest in Alberta Arts and Culture. We welcomed the opportunity to assist the Government of Alberta in providing any insight we can as they endeavour to fulfill this worthwhile objective under very challenging economic circumstances. PACE made the following recommendations for the Minister’s consideration in advance of the government’s inaugural budget:

Reccomendations to David Eggen

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