Provincial Advocacy Initiative

PACE has taken the lead in establishing a steering committee to organize this advocacy initiative.  Choose a postcard by clicking on one of the images shown here and downloading the PDF.  Sign it and send it care of PACE at, or mail it to the address on the postcard, to show Premier Stelmach that arts in Alberta DO matter!  (Please note that downloaded versions of these postcards will have to be put in envelopes in order to go through the mail, unless you printed them on card stock paper.)

And Here’s Another Alternative

Click on the postcard below to link to our postcard petition – a quick and easy way to show your support for Alberta arts.

What else can I do?

Post a link to the PACE website on your website.  Make sure you share it with all your colleagues and supporters throughout Alberta.  Go to the PACE Facebook group page at (and see our Facebook feed to your right on our website) for breaking news.  Check back regularly; more is being added daily.

Our Supporters

The following  represent a growing alliance of arts organizations and individual professional artists endorsing this provincial advocacy initiative and standing solidly behind it:

Our Champions Have Their Say

“Our culture, in the largest sense, is not only how we’ll be remembered in the future, it’s how we’re known now. Nobody goes to London or New York or Toronto for the weather, and they don’t come to Edmonton for that either. Culture is good business; and it’s big business.  More than 800,000 Canadians are full-time tax-paying workers in the arts and cultural industries.  Many of them live and work in Alberta – but we can always use more.”

Tommy Banks, Senator
Musician, conductor, composer, TV personality



“Communities across Alberta engage in art and culture every day.  From small theatre groups, to painters, to those who give us their songs, they enrich our lives, define us as people and communities, and tell the stories of real, every day Albertans.  We need to continue to support our arts and cultural industries to ensure that they thrive and grow.”

Morris Flewwelling, Mayor of Red Deer
Widely recognized for achievement in Heritage Conservation, volunteer leadership, community building


“Arts and culture are fundamental to who we are as a society. Civilizations remember their roots through art and stories. We need to ensure that our arts have the capacity to expand, and that our stories are not lost. A small investment goes a long way to sustaining this very important part of Alberta’s culture.”

Fil Fraser, broadcaster, author, film producer
Adjunct Professor, Athabasca University, Past CEO of Vision TV


“Arts build spirit. Arts build community, kids and excitement. Arts must be part of building our future Alberta.”

Alice Major, poet and author
Edmonton’s first Poet Laureate




“As a musician from rural Alberta, I can’t emphasize enough how important arts organizations such as Alberta Music and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts have been on my career. Without their support, financial and otherwise, I personally would not be able to represent Alberta and present my Alberta-made art on the provincial, national and international level that I do.”

John Wort Hannam, singer, musician, songwriter
Winner of 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Album of the Year



Go to for more information on artsScene Edmonton.

Federal Advocacy

We are dedicated to insuring that every political party and politician understands that support for the arts is a priority because:

  • We are enriched by the arts
  • We want to share with our children more access to the arts through more performances, more affordable tickets, more contact between artists and our communities
  • We know who we are as Canadians and our legacy is dependent on a vibrant arts community
  • We want to enhance Canada’s international profile through the arts and make an even greater contribution to the Canadian economy

We recognize a need to maintain a balance in one of the fastest growing economies in North America. One critical consideration in corporate and industry growth is the availability, health and accessibility of Arts and Culture for their employees and their children.

Federal Government email links:

Prime Minister Harper:

Your Member of Parliament

Follow this link to find contact information for your MP…


For detailed information on advocacy, please visit the following organizations web sites:

The IMPACS (The Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society) put together a very informative package on current restrictions on charities and advocacy. Download their Election Toolkit